All our health based products from capsules, amino acids and powders can be located in the pages below.

Ascorbic Acid Powder USP/BP (Vitamin C) 200g

Ascorbic acid is an organic acid with antioxidant properties. This is the pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid (USP29/BP2004).

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Calcium Ascorbate 500g

Each gram of Calcium Ascorbate Powder USP/BP contains 900mg Vitamin C (vit c)and 100mg Calcium

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Calcium Ascorbate Powder 4Kg Bag

Calcium ascorbate is a non-acidic form of vitamin c and is beleived to reduce free radical damage to cell membranes.

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Fermented Red Rice Powder 100g

Fermented red rice powder is used to colour a wide variety of food products naturally. This product has also been used in traditional medicine.

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Magnesium Oxide Granular USP 400g

Magnesium Oxide Granular USP (Pharmaceutical Grade). Magnesium oxide can be used as a supplement to maintain adequate magnesium in the body

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Magnesium Oxide Granular USP 5Kg

Magnesium Oxide Powder is used as a buffering agent to reduce the acidity of products like ascorbic acid. It is also sometimes used as a magnesium source.

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Nigari Flakes (Magnesium Chloride) 600g

Nagari is food grade magnesium chloride used as a setting agent in tofu production. The nigari is supplied in flakes. It is manufactured in Japan from deep sea water.

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Potassium Carbonate Powder 350g

Potassium Carbonate Powder 99% USP. Molecular Formula K2CO3. Used for many applications including noodle manufacture.

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Potassium Phosphate Powder (E340) 450g

Potassium phosphate (K2HPO4) is used as a buffering agent in food production. It is also seen as a common source of potassium, phosphrus and is highly water soluble.

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Sodium Ascorbate Powder 200g

Sodium ascorbate is non acidic and will not contribute to gastric irritation. Sodium ascorbate is a buffered form of Vitamin C.

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