All our health based products from capsules, amino acids and powders can be located in the pages below.

Mannitol Powder 200g

Mannitol is a white, odorless, sweet-tasting powder. Mannitol is a sugar alcohol. It has half the calories of sugar, and is half as sweet. This product is 100% pure.

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Nigari Flakes (Magnesium Chloride) 600g

Nagari is food grade magnesium chloride used as a setting agent in tofu production. The nigari is supplied in flakes. It is manufactured in Japan from deep sea water.

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Sodium Bicarbonate Powder 1.5Kg

Sodium Bicarbonate (Mineral Salt 500) is also known as sodium acid carbonate and sodium bi carbonate powder. This product is aluminium (aluminum) free

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Thick N Cold Powder 180g

Thick N Cold can be used to thicken liquids to a point where they can be piped into macarons, cakes or even quinelled on a plate.


Vital Wheat Gluten Powder (Flour) 1kg Bag

Australian Grown and manufactured high protein GMO free wheat gluten. When this product is added to low-protein flour it will add sufficient strength and elasticity for bread or pasta making. The more protein added to flour the stronger it will become.

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