All our health based products from capsules, amino acids and powders can be located in the pages below.

Ascorbic Acid Powder USP/BP (Vitamin C) 200g

Ascorbic acid is an organic acid with antioxidant properties. This is the pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid (USP29/BP2004).

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Mannitol Powder 200g

Mannitol is a white, odorless, sweet-tasting powder. Mannitol is a sugar alcohol. It has half the calories of sugar, and is half as sweet. This product is 100% pure.

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Nigari Flakes (Magnesium Chloride) 600g

Nagari is food grade magnesium chloride used as a setting agent in tofu production. The nigari is supplied in flakes. It is manufactured in Japan from deep sea water.

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Organic Coconut Oil 1.8Kg Pail

Cold Expeller Pressed Organic Coconut oil 1.8 kg pail. Certified Organic by BFA. Cold pressed coconut oil.

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Potassium Chloride Powder 150g

Diets low in potassium may produce fatigue and muscle weakness. This product is 99.9% pure and manufactured in Germany.

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Sodium Bicarbonate Powder 1.5Kg

Sodium Bicarbonate (Mineral Salt 500) is also known as sodium acid carbonate and sodium bi carbonate powder. This product is aluminium (aluminum) free

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Tartaric Acid 250g

Tartaric Acid (E334) occurs naturally in wine lees and is used solo in the manufacture of many foods or as an ingredient in other products. Some of these products include baking powder, cream of tartar, effervescent beverages and fruit esters.

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Thick N Cold Powder 180g

Thick N Cold can be used to thicken liquids to a point where they can be piped into macarons, cakes or even quinelled on a plate.


Vital Wheat Gluten Powder (Flour) 1kg Bag

Australian Grown and manufactured high protein GMO free wheat gluten. Vegans who wish to use in cooking or for making a popular meat substitute called seltan.

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