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Callebaut Couveture White Callets 28% with a balanced creamy milk taste. Min 28% cocoa solids and 23% milk solids. This product is perfect size for undertaking the Masterchef Australia challenges.

Some background on the taste of white chocolate from Callebaut
The taste of your Callebaut white chocolate is determined by different components that form a unique harmony.

The cocoa butter
Callebaut only selects premium cocoa beans from which the cocoa butter is extracted. Furthermore, we only use 100% cocoa butter to give our chocolate its refined, authentic taste, quality and character.

The milk selected
Some milk powders – or rather the milk fats in the milk – will caramelise during conching and will give the chocolate typical caramel flavours. Other milk powders give a more milky or creamy taste.

The sugar content
The sugar content will eventually determine the sweetness of the chocolate.

Conching with patience and precision
Callebaut conches its chocolate couvertures with great patience and exacting precision. It eliminates the undesired and too acid tones in the chocolate taste and creates the typical homogeneous taste with fresh, aromatic or even caramelly accents.

Natural Bourbon vanilla
Pure, natural Bourbon vanilla gives chocolate that exciting hint of exotic refinement. It also accentuates the creaminess of white chocolate. Natural vanilla and white chocolate, a perfect match for one another.

Please read the Chocolate and shipping guide lines link or above located under the specifications tab.


Chocolate and heat sensitive products shipping guide lines.
Chocolate is susceptible to high temperatures. While we take every care in packaging items to ship, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive undamaged during warmer months. Shipping any temperature sensitive items between September and May is at the risk of the buyer. The product is sent to you in premium condition.

In an effort to reduce the effects of temperature on the chocolate your order maybe delayed. For example if the temperature is excessive on Friday your order will ship the following week. This eliminates your order travelling and waiting in uncontrolled courier depots during excessive heat.

Products included
Popping candy - all styles
Chocolate coverture - all styles
Chocolate covered crisp pearls - all styles
enzymes - all styles

Nutrition Facts for Callebaut White Coverture (Chocolate)
These figures are based on the recommended serving size of 40g

Energy -  943kJ (225cal)
Protein - 2.8g
Fat Total - 14.4g
Fat Saturated - 9.2g
Carbohydrates - 10.4g
Dietry Fibre - 8g
Sodium - 32.8mg

Shelf life and recommended storage conditions
Shelf Life: 18 months after production date
Storage Temp: 12 - 20 degrees C
Storage Conditions:  Store in a clean, dry and odourless environment with a maximum 70% relative Humidity

Country of Origin Belgium
Shipping Weight (Cubic Weight) 1.3400kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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