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Mycryo® 100% cocoa butter in powder form takes professional kitchens by storm! Frying has never been tastier or more convenient.

This product Cannot travel via airmail or express post, it will explode.

Mycryo® is easy to use!
Is very easy to measure and dose. Allows you to avoid excess fats in the pan: no spattering. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave any traces in the pan: cleaning becomes very easy!

Mycryo® Tip:
Keep your vegetables fresh for longer with Mycryo®: keep them in a mixture (completely immersed) of 50% water and 50% Mycryo® in the refrigerator until you need them. Then take them out and fry.

Mycryo® is economical
Frying requires very little Mycyro®: 2 to 3 times less than other fats or oils.
Mycryo®, 100% natural, 100% cocoa butter in powder form. This vegetable fat is obtained by pressing roasted and ground cocoa beans. It is then deodorized and ideal for frying: it brings out the natural flavour of the ingredients, even the most delicate.Unlike other frying fats, Mycryo® doesn’t mask the flavours. Simply sprinkle the uncooked food with Mycryo®
With Mycryo® you will discover a new, fast way of frying meat, fish and vegetables. Simply sprinkle the raw or slightly blanched ingredients with Mycryo® and fry them in a hot, dry pan without additional fat.

Mycryo allows you to work more efficiently
Mycryo® allows you to prepare the ingredients in advance: you gain time!
Sprinkle the meat, fish and vegetables with Mycryo® (you can even mix it with your seasoning) in advance, and store in the refrigerator until you need them.
Mycryo® is hygienic!
Mycryo® is a dry powder and therefore decreases the risk of bacteriological contamination.
Can be kept at room temperature (only melts at 35°C).
Applying Mycryo® by sprinkler keeps your hands clean and is hygienic!

Please read the Chocolate and shipping guide lines link or above located under the specifications tab.


Tempering chocolate is easy using MYCRYO® 100% pure cocoa butter
1. This method requires a minimum of equipment.
2. The chocolate remains perfectly fluid at all times.
3. A Longer working time is acheived before the chocolate hardens. This allows shape the chocolate by hand or moulding with an enrober.
4. Simply add 1% MYCRYO® by weight to the chocolate (10 g for 1 kg of chocolate) when the chocolate reaches the correct temperature.


Preparation Ingredients
Beat 150g de Mycryo® cocoa butter while heating with a scraper until soft and smooth
Heat until 30-31°C while further smoothening the mixture  
Fold in 1000g Praliné Favorites Onctueux
Temper at 25°C  
Shape into hollow moulds  
Dip in milk couverture Terre d’Ivoire, decorate with a fork
Mix à la feuille au batteur 150g Mycryo® cocoa butter while heating with a scraper obtain a creamy mixture
Melt the paste by heating to maximum 31°C  
Fold into the tempered praliné at 25°C


Mycryo® shortbread biscuit

Preparation Ingredients
Mix together 175g granulated sugar 
150g egg yolks
2.5g salt
250g Mycryo® cocoa butter 
290g flour
10g baking powder
50g water
After mixing, you need to warm a little bit in order to have a homogeneous mixture of ingredients   
Bake at 180°C  
Spread 0.1 layer, and print 7 x 1.3 in rectangles  
Sprinkle with sesame seeds  


Prune cream

Preparation Ingredients
Prepare a custard  250g milk
50g egg yolks 
45g granulated sugar
Add 75g liquid cream 35% fat 
160g diced prunes
70g Cognac
Leave for 12 hours at 3°C  
Melt at 45°C 200g dark chocolate Saint Domingue
250g prepared custard at 30°C
200g whipped cream
Pouch in rectangle flexipan  


Cognac and Prune cream

Preparation Ingredients
Take what's left of custard with prunes and miw with 100g whipped cream
Lay over the shortbread sesame biscuits the chocolate mousse
Let thaw  
Add on top the rectangle of chocolate
the prunes
Cognac cream
the decors


Chocolate and heat sensitive products shipping guide lines.
Chocolate is susceptible to high temperatures. While we take every care in packaging items to ship, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive undamaged during warmer months. Shipping any temperature sensitive items between September and May is at the risk of the buyer. The product is sent to you in premium condition.

In an effort to reduce the effects of temperature on the chocolate your order maybe delayed. For example if the temperature is excessive on Friday your order will ship the following week. This eliminates your order travelling and waiting in uncontrolled courier depots during excessive heat.

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Popping candy - all styles
Chocolate coverture - all styles
Chocolate covered crisp pearls - all styles
enzymes - all styles

Country of Origin Belgium
Shipping Weight (Cubic Weight) 1.2300kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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