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This is where you will find all the products necessary to encapsulate your own herbal and health products. We have empty gelatin capsules in 1, 2, 3, 4, 0, 00 and 000 size in clear or opaque. Veggie, vegetable capsules, vegie caps, soy free (HPMC) capsules are available in size 1, 0 and 00 size. There are also a limited number of solid or multi coloured (opaque) 0 and 00 sized gelatin capsules available from time to time. As well as all the machines required to speed up your filling process.

Size 4 is the SMALLEST capsule we sell
Size 000 is the BIGGEST capsules we sell

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How hard capsules are made and not suitable for liquids.

The Melbourne Food Depot sells one type of capsule in two varieties and many sizes. The capsule of choice is the hard style capsule. These are the only ones customers can fill and seal themselves. For ease of explanation I will describe the gelatin manufacturing process. It is exactly the same for vegetable capsules just substitute HPMC for gelatin. The Manufacture of hard gelatin capsules consists of the dipping of stainless steel pins (dyes) into a gelatin solution, drying, stripping from the pins into a collate, trimming of the caps and bodies, and joining together for shipment. The strength, flexibility and movability of the gelatin allow the manufacture of various sizes, colors and designs for assuring a snap closure after filling. The hard gelatin capsules are not suitable for filling with liquid. No consumer level capsules are designed to be filled with liquids. The reason why is contained below. Soft Gelatin Capsules are not available for... continue reading