About The Melbourne Food Depot

Author: Jasmina  

The Melbourne Food Depot, established in late 1998, by a scientist, pastry cook and a fashion designer. It was one of those moments when everything went right and the spark was ignited that still burns strong over twelve years later. From small beginnings in Carlton we moved to Brunswick in late 1999. It did not take long to out grow this location, and MFD was again on the move. This purpose built factory on melbournes outskirts is where all the large scale operations happen. Due to our never ending demand for stable and fast internet MFD once again moved into the original Brunswick NBN zone. Securing the companies future for upcoming generations.

The Melbourne Food Depot is known for suppling premium quality, specialist food ingredients to a diverse range of customers. These include food manufacturers, Chefs & other trade professionals, food technology companies, compounding pharmacists, research institutes/companies and a small number of hardcore general public experimenters. These ingredients are sourced from all over the world to meet our particular customers specifications or manufactured by us in our purpose built factory. Many of the major dry goods suppliers carry our products. If your particular dry goods supplier does not carry our quality products get them to contact us.

The modern Chef is expected to understand a lot more about a wider variety of dry goods and powders today than ever before. The Melbourne food depot has an extensive resource collection available on this website to our approved account customers. This resource section is constantly expanding as new products or applications are developed. There is no point having these wonderful things to play with if you have no idea where to start. With the amount of information on this site you will feel comfortable giving anything a go.

We really hope you enjoy using our site as a source of knowledge, quality products and exceptional service.

The Melbourne Food Depot