Salt, Pepper & Select Spices

Allspice Berries Whole 50g

Allspice berries are used in many culinary applications as well as bitters.

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Annatto Seed Whole 100g

Annatto is a tropical tree whose seeds produce a food coloring used in cheese, butter, pork and smoked fish.

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Black Pepper Berries Whole 250g

These whole black pepper berries are suitable for grinders or other culinary pursuits.

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Cardamon Pods Green Whole 150g

Cardamon Pods Green Whole. These pods maybe used for flavouring both food and drink they also have some history as a functional medicine ingredient.

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Cinnamon Quills Whole 40g

Cinnamon Quills are sourced from many locations around the world, The majority of our product comes from Sri Lanka. This spice has been valued for thousands of years.

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Cloves Ground 200g

Cloves which have been ground into a fine powder.

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Dill Pollen 28g tin

Dill pollen is highly aromatic and is used spairlingly like fennel pollen. uses include smoked salmon

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Fennel Pollen 28g Tin

Fennel Pollen Spice is 100% natural certified organic raw pollen of the Fennel plant. This Fennel Pollen is grown on the Californian central coast. It is hand picked and packaged to ensure the finest quality.

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Fennel Seeds (non roasted) 500g

Whole aromatic fennel seeds

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Garlic Granules 2kg bag

Garlic granules are made from dried garlic, think of it as an inbetween step between whole and powder. This product contains nothing else it is soley gralic granules

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Ginger Kibbled 500g

Ginger Kibbled

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Ginger Powder 500g

Freshly Ground ginger to order. Same quality ginger powder just a larger size.

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Horseradish Granules 500g

Horseradish granules

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Juniper Berries Whole 50g

Juinper Berries (Juniperus communis). A few juniper berries will reduce the wild flavor of game meats. They also are used as a flovour for gin and bitters.

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Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 240g Box

Maldon Sea Salt 240g Box. Pure and natural with no additives produced at the original site in Essex England.

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Mountain Pepperberries 40g

This aromatic pepper (Tasmania Lanceolata) once tried will always be requested. Australian Native Mountain Pepper Berries have an intense and aromatic heat which develops and leaves a pleasant dry aftertaste.

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Nigella Seeds (Kolonji) 50g

Nigella Seeds, Nigella sativa, are also known as Kolonj, Kalonji and black onion seed.

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Nutmeg Whole 40g zip

Whole nutmeg (no outer shell). This pack equates to approximately 9 nutmegs depending on their size.

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Saffron Stands 1g

Pure spanish saffron stands 1g

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Sea Salt Flakes 250g

A soft, sweet, delicate sea salt flake, with an exceptional sea salt taste.

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Smoked Paprika Powder 50g

Premium Smoked Paprika. This is a true Spanish smoked paprika made in La Vera using traditional methods

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Spinach Flakes 500g

Spinach Flakes

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Star Anise Whole & Pieces 80g

Star anise whole and pieces (illicium verum). Used as an ingredient in Chinese five spice mix.

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Szechuan (Sichuan) Pepper 20g Zip

Sichuan pepper, Szechwan pepper or Szechuan pepper, a common spice used in Asian cuisine. It has a distinctive taste and heat some customers even add this product to chocolate.

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Tumeric Fingers Whole 100g

Turmeric is a member of the ginger family. It is an integral ingredient in South East Asian and Indian cooking for its flavouring and colouring.

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White Pepper Whole 250g

White Pepper Whole. Grind these prior to use to unlock a subtle aroma and sharp heat. Prized by chefs and good cooks around the world.

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