2023 Update
Product manufacturers are still suffering from raw material input delays. If you see a product is in stock, grab it, as future supply cannot be guaranteed.

Product supply going forward for 2022

With the ongoing pandemic our traditional supply lines have been totally stuffed. Pretty much all our international manufacturers are having similar problems. Any link in the supply chain you can think of is effected. Some of these include:

Wooden Pallets - Major hardwood and pine shortages. Check your local Bunnings to see the depleted supply
Shipping Containers - If your lucky to find one to use.
Shipping, unloading times, other problems at the docks - Its one thing to find a container, a ship, wait for a spot to unload.

What these problems mean for you the customer

- Delivery delays for all local based couriers and Aust Post
- Product shortages, when we have a product arrive grab it. MFD cannot guarantee when it will be next available or at what price.

- Set up product email notifications or follow us on Instagram.
- Price increases to cover all these additional costs.

Packaging Issues
Our Australian based blow moulders are facing raw material shortages. This may result in your product being packaged differently to how you have previously received it. This is necessary to maintain our high turn around shipping rates.

When will my product be back in stock?

A select group of products we have standing orders with the manufacturers. That means supply X amount every 6 weeks for instance. These are either not being filled or at a drastically reduced volume. The manufacturers are not producing enough volume for the demand. Therefore this leads to massive price increases, simple economics. MFD are constantly working with these manufacturers to obtain products or raw ingredients. The best suggestion is to supply a forecast for product use. That way we can all work together to keep things happening.