Directly contact MFD

The warehouse is not contactable via phone, It seems some false contact phone numbers are circulating on the web. Ignore them it's most likely a scam.
The warehouse is not located in Brunswick.

NO pickups from the warehouse - other answers in our FAQ's
All correspondence is via email.
Credit Accounts are currently not being accepted
If your question is regarding a current or past order please use your account dashboard, dispute system. Your email will be automatically purged filling out the below form. See question 6.

Why are so many of your products Out of stock?

International Orders Check this page if we ship to your country, maximum weights apply.

Best Method
Please log into your account dashboard and lodge a dispute. Account dashboard emails are a priority service and visible throughout our various locations.

Second Best
Please fill out the MFD web portal form below, ideal for dormant account password resets. If you have an MFD order number please use the above method as the operator is unable to access your order or any of the details. Please read the FAQ's prior.

Temporary Contact Form