Directly contact the warehouse

This is a public email address with loads of traffic, if you have a problem with a delivery please log into your account dashboard and lodge a dispute. Account dashboard emails are a priority service.

Click the below link and it will open up your email program. The email address is feedback(at)melbournefooddepot(dot)com if you do not wish to click the below link. Obviously replace the words in brackets. Please explain in detail what you are after and allow 72 hours for a reply. Every email will get a reply, if you require urgent action please see above.

Click this link to open up your email program

gmail users seem to be randomly not getting our replies to emails.This does not effect ordering just correspondence. We are not sure why this happens but on checking it out it has been happening for sometime. Most likely because spammers use gmail. Please send through another carrier is our recommendation. Also try adding our email address and domain to your address book.


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