Latest WA Shipping Updates

Update 2023
All WA orders are now dropshipped in red Aust Post satchels. This prevents surcharges and expensive returns. If you wish to order larger amounts, and are a business get in touch.

Update Jan 30
There is a chatter about the surcharge coming off all WA shipments via eParcel. To get around this MFD have decided to ship all products to WA in red standard satchels, max weight 5kg. Good thing is these satchels will be left, if safe to do so, at your door step. They are trackable via the AP app. The downside is the maximum weight is 5Kg. If you require larger volumes please get in touch as the online portal will max out at 4.95Kg.

Update Jan 25
The WA freight surcharge and delays are still happening. It is possible for MFD to ship to WA using off line satchels. Payment will be required by Bank Deposit only, transit times cannot be given but you are able to track shipment. Please get in touch


MFD have taken the unusual step of suspending shipping of orders to WA. This is due to Australia Posts increasing delays in parcel delivery due to the flood disaster. The loss of railway tracks has resulted in delivery blow outs and the implementation of a 50% surcharge to all WA freight.

With our early closure this year it seemed the only avenue available. With on one in the office to sort out difficulities everything will compound. This stoppage will be reviewed in late January 2023.

"Following heavy rain and flooding, the Sydney to Perth rail line is closed and will remain that way for some weeks ahead. Unfortunately, the Melbourne-Adelaide rail link has also been closed due to damage caused by a train derailment earlier this week and its recovery date is unknown at this stage.
With both rail lines impacted and based on current information available to us, all freight and logistics services are likely to experience significant challenges and we expect there will be delivery delays. The greatest current impact is on items traveling via Parcel Post and StarTrack Express to Western Australia from the east of Australia, which by our current estimates, may take up to an additional two weeks to arrive. While these events are out of our control, we understand how critical it is to keep you updated to help you communicate and ensure the best possible experience for your customers, particularly at this crucial time of year."

"Recent floods and rail network disruptions have caused delivery delays for items sent to and from Western Australia. As a result, on 23 November we brought forward our recommended final Parcel Post lodgement dates for these lanes."