How To Make Fake Blood

Author: Lars from Makeup-FX - Sweden   Date Posted:10 February 2013 

How to make fake or stage blood by Lars from Makeup-FX - Sweden

You will be surprised when I tell you how simple it is to make a very realistic stage and film blood. Links to purchase the products also included.

98% Sorbitol (liquid) - You can use either start with our powdered or liquid versions.
Buy Sorbitol Liquid or Powder

2% Red food colour for best results use either one of these powders, don't use liquid food colour it will stain everything badly:
Amaranth Red Colour Powder C309 (E123)  - Buy Amaranth Powder 20g
Ponceau 4R Red Powder - Colour 124 (E124) - Buy Ponceau Powder 20g

0.5 % Sodium benzoate Granules. I recommend this preservative if you wish to store the blood for more than 2 weeks.
Buy Sodium Benzoate Granules 80g

Mix all ingredients well. If you have time let the mix stand for a few days to make sure that all the powders are dissolved.

Gel blood
This is also very simple. Just take the blood you just made and mix it with a thickening agent until it gets as thick as you want it. My favourite thickener is Cabosil which is a fumed silica (not supplied by the Melbourne Food Depot we recoomend Guar Gum). It is also known under the name Aerosil. You can find this in most boat making shops. It is used for making polyester and epoxy thick for making a gel coat for the first layer of a boat. Go and check in your local boat shop and they will probably be able to help you. I use Cabosil for a lot of things, it thickens everything expect water.

How to remove Lars fake Blood

It's not that hard if you know how to. The best thing about this blood is that the sorbitol crystallizes if it's cold. The crystals will wrap the colour pigments inside themselves. This means that if you wash the skin or clothes in cold water it's less likely to stain. I also always use shampoo instead of soap as the pH seems to help to get things off. A cold machine-wash gets it off from most clothes, but no guarantees!! Try first before you smear that $2000 suit. All information on this page is for professional use only! I will not be responsible for any ruined clothes or Grandma's that have been scared to death!

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