Melbourne Food Depots Reference Book Collection

Author: Marty   Date Posted:2 August 2012 

After many requests we have decided to list all our reference books in this blog. Contained in this post is all the books that inspire and educate us. These books are not dead lumps of wood that sit on the shelf and look pretty (yes we do look at the pics and admire). These books are active participants in our daily work, they have post it notes, papers sticking out and water marks over nearly everyone. The collection is totally admired as a wonderful resource of knowledge by all of us at The Melbourne Food Depot. Check back as this page will be updated with new and wonderful references.

We hope this helps you on your own culinary discovery. Please be aware that as these books span many decades some maybe no longer in print.

Please note:
The Melbourne Food Depot does not sell these books, they are listed as a source of knowledge that we have found very useful in our various endeavours.


Cookery School
Richard Corrigan
Cooking for Geeks
Jeff Potter
The joy of Mixology
Gary Regan
Whoopie Pies
What Einstein told his cook (V2)
Robert L Wolke
Modern Gastronomy A to Z
Alicia Foundation
Cookery the Australian Way 
Shirley Cameron
On food & Cooking
Harold McGee
The Cooks Encyclopedia
Gunter Beer & Patrik Jaros
Momofuku Milk Bar
Christina Tosi
Donna Hay Seasons
Donna Hay
Donna Hay Modern classics
Marie Claire Kitchen
The Education of a bodybuilder
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Pierre Herme
Chocolate Unwrapped
Sarah Jane Evans
Sweet Cuisine
The New Taste of Chocolate
Maricel E. Presilla
Irresistible Macaroons
Jose Marechal
The Diabetes Cooking Book The French Womans Kitchen
Brigitte Tilleray
Culinary Reflections
Klaus Lemm
Irish Country Cooking Sweet Success
Steven Wheeler
The Sorcerer's Apprentices
Lisa Abend
Reinventing Food
Colman Andrews
Building a Meal
Herve This
France A feast of food & wine
Roger Voss
Jelly with Bompas & Parr
Bompas & Parr
Brent Savage
The Nature of Colour
Thomas Green
What Einstein told his cook
Robert L Wolke
The Heritage of Chinese Cooking
Elizabeth Chong
Ingredients Book
Sophie Grigson
Nicola Graimes
New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Art of Royal Icing
Eddie Spence
The science of cooking
Peter Barham
How to taste
Jancis Robinson
Molecular Gastronomy
Herve This
The Whole Beast
Fergus Henderson
E Numbers
Stefan Gates
Ideas in Food
Aki Kamozawa
Kate Ferry
The Complete Distiller
Nixon & McCaw
Bush Tucker Field Guide
Les Hiddins
Amino Revolution
Heston Blumenthal
Easy Raw Vegan Deserts
Kristen Suzanne
A year of slow food
David Foster
The French Laundry
Thomas Keller
Alison Thompson
Total Perfection
Heston Blumenthal
Food the chemistry of its components
Tom Coultade
The Ice cream theory
Steff Deschenes
David Chang
Berengere Abraham
Dashi & Umami
Chocolate to savour
Kirstin Tibbles
Kitchen Confidential
Anthony Bourdain
Under Pressure
Thomas Keller
Hestons Fantastical Feasts
Heston Blumenthal
Ad Hoc at Home
Thomas Keller
In search of perfection
Heston Blumenthal
Chocolates & Confections
Modernist Cuisine at Home - The Flavour Bible
Karen Page
Food stabilisers
Ian Hemphill
The new Generation of pastry
Adriano Zumbo
Adriano Zumbo
The Fat duck cookbook
Heston Blumenthal
Grant Achatz
A day at ElBulli 
Ferran Adria
Andoni luis Aduriz
In the Mix
Dani Valent
Rene Redzepi
Peter Gilmour
Frozen Deserts
The Culinary Institute of America
Deserts by Pierre Herme
Herme and Greenspan
Condensed chemical dictonary
Chocolate Fusion
Frederic Bau
The Cooks Companion
Stephanie Alexander
Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables
Matt Wilkinson
Egg cookbook
Peter Russell-Clark
Bush Medicine
Tim Low
Modernist Cuisine
Greg Doyle
Rockpool Bar & Grill
Neil Perry
White Heat
Marco Pierre White
The Family Meal
Feran Adria
Chocolate Deserts
Pierre Herme
The Fundamental technique of classic pastry
The French Culinary Institute
Couture Chocolate
William Curley
Nicola Fletcher
The Complete Robuchon
Grub street
Micheal Ruhlman
Logical Cuisine
Jordi Cruz
Home sausage making
Susan Mahnke Peery
Handbook of Hydrocolloids
Philips and Williams
Caroline Liddell
Greg & Lucy Malouf


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