Pickling Lime - Calcium Hydroxide Food Grade Powder

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Pickling lime food grade powder has many uses. Some include the following:
clarifying raw juice, pickling foods and the most important ingredient in making corn tortillas. This product is food grade from Japan and is designed to be used in food production. Care should always be taken when using this food ingredient in the powdered form. See the below warnings and wear the appropriate PPE.

Symptoms - Sore throat. Cough. Burning sensation.
Prevention - Use an exhaust system and or breathing protection.

Symptoms - Redness. Roughness. Pain. Dry skin. Skin burns. Blisters.
Prevention - Wear gloves and long sleeves when using powder

Symptoms - Redness. Pain. Severe deep burns.
Prevention - Wear safety goggles, face shield and breathing protection

Symptoms - Burning sensation. Abdominal pain. Abdominal cramps. Vomiting.
Prevention - Do not eat or drink when working with this powder.

Based on research conducted the following is the best working method we have located. Cook the corn kernels in a 1% calcium hydroxide solution at 80 degrees C for one hour. then remove from heat and steep for 16 - 20 hours in the same solution. This is known as the Lopez method and using other grains will result in further modifications and experimentation on your behalf. After steeping the corn needs to be washed to remove excess calcium and dissolved plant matter. The corn can now be ground into what is known as masa.

Non food sources of this product are cheaper but contain very high amounts of heavy metals and other products you really want to keep from entering your body. We strongly recommend not using these non food grade products. It for the sake of your restaurant patrons health.



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