Why we no longer accept PayPal as a valid payment method

Why we no longer accept PayPal from customers

Having used PayPal for over 15 years a lot has gone on. I'm not going to go into how fraud is committed on Pay Pal but it continues. The only way to stop it was to no longer accept PayPal. Below are some key points that anyone who has been a merchant will know but the customers using PayPal have no idea. Take a look at this recent Paypal article, the poor merchants were getting nowhere until the SMH got involved."it is killing my small business paypal under fire for freezing money"

1. PayPal is a very expensive merchant system
2. Paypal feezes funds without contact or reason, but are happy to continue to receive payment from your customers.
3. Paypal offer no support or defense of merchants in Fraud cases
4.The Paypal buyer is always correct and supported by Paypal and the merchant is hung out to dry
5. Every case we had was always solved in favour of the buyer. They treat evidence you supply as non existent but do not hesitate believing the buyer.
6. The marketing they use attracts a very internet fearful customer, hence why they always side with customer.
7. Really consider using other payment systems, there are heaps out there now compared to when we started back in 1999. Just check that its not PayPal in disguise.