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Methocel A4M (E461) is Food (A) Grade Modified Cellulose, It forms a firm gel at 122-131°F (50-55°C). It has a high viscosity of 4000 cP). Common names Modified Methyl Cellulose, methylcellulose or modified vegetable gum. This product is a versatile food stabilisers. Various grades of Methocel can be blended to obtain intermediate viscosity grades. This is only recommended for experienced users.

Bakery products
Thermal gelation aids in gas retention during baking, increasing baked volumes and improving texture. METHOCEL also provides a more moist texture, increased shelf life, improved emulsification of batters, and better freeze/thaw stability.

In glazes, icings, and coatings, METHOCEL food gums add lubricity for easier application, provide creamier texture, improved spreadability, and clean flavor release. In addition, METHOCEL gums thermally gel during heating, keeping icings and glazes intact, and during cooling revert to the original consistency of the product.

Pie and pastry fillings
Thermal gelation reduces boil-over during baking and inhibits moisture migration from fillings to crusts during freezing. METHOCEL also improves freeze/thaw stability.

Frozen desserts
METHOCEL products modify ice-crystal size to give smoother textures and improve emulsion stability. Increased air entrainment improves overrun.

Whipped toppings
METHOCEL products improve whipping properties for better body and appearance. Improved emulsion stability prevents syneresis and extends open times. METHOCEL inhibits phase separation in frozen toppings, even through repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Structured vegetable products
Methocel® A4M products offer excellent film formation and high binding performance for foods that need to keep their components together. Products like vegetarian burgers, onion rings, and formed potato products are all improved by the binding strength and film formation qualities of METHOCEL products.

Structured and extruded foods
Low concentrations of METHOCEL give optimum binding strength in matrix systems. Due to moisture retention and oil insolubility properties, fried foods are more moist, less greasy. Thermal gelation gives increased control over texture and “bite.” Increased lubricity aids in processing.

Frying batters
In addition to forming an oil-insoluble barrier to block oil absorption and moisture loss during frying, METHOCEL products improve adhesion of batters to meat and vegetable substrates. As a result, blow-off of batters is reduced and the life of frying oil is extended.

Salad dressings and sauces
Better stability for oil-in-water emulsions extends the shelf life of products containing METHOCEL. Solids stay in suspension longer and body and pouring characteristics are controlled.

There is no food grade methocel f50 in Australia. This is the closest you will get.


Country of Origin USA
Shipping Weight (Cubic Weight) 4.5000kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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