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Product description:
White crystals or powder, soluble in water slight acidic or sour taste. Mainly used in soft drinks, frozen deserts, meat products, diuretic and expectorant and an anti coagulant for blood withdrawn from the body. As this is a pure product small clumps may form over time, simply crush them with a spoon. It will have no effect on the functionality of the product.

What does sodium citrate do?
Diets low in sodium may produce fatigue and muscle weakness. The primary dietary sources of potassium are: fresh fruit and vegetables, rice bran, unsalted nuts, seeds, grains, mushrooms, molasses and seafood. Sodium has a role in controlling the activity of the heart, muscles and nervous system. Potassium activates enzymes, is involved in bone calcification, the conversion of blood sugar into the stored glycogen for energy reserves, muscle contraction & coordination. It plays a role in maintaining the water balance & integrity of your cells. It is also very important to nerve transmission.

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How Modernist Cuisine Chefs use this product.
Seeing sodium citrate is an acidity regulator it is used as a buffer in modernist recipes. What a buffer does is reduce the pH of a solution (buffering it) towards neutral (pH 7.0). If products are too acidic (pH 1.0 - 4.0) sodium citrate can be added to buffer it towards a more friendlier pH of around 6.0. Like wise if products are too basic citric acid can be added to buffer the solution back to neutral. Why is this important about pH? because most of the modernist reaction like to take place around pH 7.0 neutral. Using sodium citrate makes it possible to achieve spherical preparations with strongly acidic ingredients. Texturas calls this product Citras

How Athletes have been using Sodium Citrate.
A trend known as bicarbonate loading has received an abundance of attention from researchers over recent years. The reason for the attention is that it has been proposed that elevated plasma bicarbonate levels are able to enhance the body's buffering capacity, and therefore improve anaerobic performance during short-duration, high-intensity exercise.

Fatigue is a common problem during this type of exercise. Although bicarbonate loading has been found to improve anaerobic performance, unfortunately, it has also been found to cause a significant amount of gastrointestinal discomfort. Sodium citrate, on the other hand, has been found to metabolize to bicarbonate, therefore possessing the ability to increase the extracellular buffering capacity, without the gastrointestinal disturbance of bicarbonate loading.

Sodium Citrate Dihydrate fine granular

MFD NO BPA in Containers


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