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E414 (thickener & vegetable gum)

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Acacia is the dried, gummy exudates from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal. This ingredient is also known as: Gum acacia, Gum arabic, acacia gum, Indian gum, acacia senegal, Acacia seregal gum.


What does Gum Acacia do?
It functions as a suspending or emulsifying agent, stabilizer, adhesive, flavor fixative and inhibitor of sugar crystallization. Gum Acacia is stable across a broad pH range (2-10) and temperatures, withstands heating and is freeze thaw stable.

Gum Acacia emulsification
The emulsification properities of Gum Acacia are a result of the amphiphilic character resulting from the presence of both polysaccharide and protein moieties (specific group of atoms within a molecule that is responsible for reactions of that molecule). The protein moieties are hydrophobic and absorb to the surface of the oil droplets, while the polysaccharide components are hydrophilic and extend into the water phase.

Gum Acacia used in food manufacture
Gum Acacia is used in most categories of processed foods including sweets, snack foods, beverages, baked goods, frozen dairy desserts and imitation dairy products. Gum acacia is also a source of soluble fiber and is generally recognized to contain 80% soluble fiber. When formulating foods or beverages with fiber, gum acacia is an excellent, cost effective option because it has minimal impact on food and beverage flavor or texture.

Gum Acaica in Mixology and alcholic drinks
Gum Acacia stablises the high oil loads of flavours, colours and actives in the formulation. It is a fine balancing act as increasing the rate of gum acacia results in greater viscosity during processing. If too little is used the emulsifier to oil ratio increases the risk of instability.

Gum acacia is also used in white magic as the following
Psychic Powers
Use as an incense base
add to incense for protection
psychic matters and money.


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