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Transglutaminase (TG) Sprinkle Powder. This enzyme has the revolutionary ability to improve the physical properties of protein containing foods. Many forms of transglutamase are manufactured by Ajinomoto in Japan. Our new MFD meatglue is approved for use in food manufacturing in Australia. TG causes proteins to bind together through an enzyme reaction. This binding cannot be broken even when frozen, cooked or sliced. There is also no pH shift involved when using this product.

How is Transglutaminase (TG) Manufactured?
TG is made by means of fermentation. Starch and other raw materials are used and when fermentation is over, all transglutaminase producing microorganisms are completely removed. This product contains milk protein allergens.

What if we require bulk quantities of meat glue after our test batch works?
This is not a problem we can supply you 1kg bags or even 10kg for industrial applications. The main concern would be to maintain fresh stock levels at all time. Activity of the activa meat glue will diminish over time.

How do I use Transglutaminase (TG)?
Follow these simple steps. Some testing will have to be carried out to check suitability of the protein products you are trying to bind.
1. Sprinkle coating - Coat all materials evenly with TG powder
2. Molding - compress the pieces together in a mould or casing.
3. Binding period - left standing for 1 or 2 hours at temperatures above 0.
4. Processing - Cooking, freezing or slicing
5. Final products

A Handy Hint about meat glue.
Meat glue loves gelatin. The protein structures in gelatin work really well with Meat Glue. So why is this important? Well if something does not have a protein component eg grains or pulses add some gelatin and the meat glue will bond with the gelatin. Opens up a whole new area of ideas, let us know how you go.

Also Known As:
Meat Glue
meat glue transglutaminase,
meat glue enzyme

As MFD is now manufacturing its own meat glue in Australia it no longer carries the Activa, Ajinomoto, meat glue. This decision has lead to better control of lead times and manufacturing security.


SKU F01957
Country of Origin Australia
Shipping Weight (Cubic Weight) 1.4300kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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