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Ice Cream Stabiliser System MF4
This special blend of food grade ingredients is a perfect emulsifier and stabiliser for use in ice cream. All plant based ingredients, suitable for vegans.

MF4 Benefits
- Imparts uniform texture with a creamy consistency and excellent mouth feel
- Excellent air distribution and stable overrun
- Retards shrinkage and ice crystal growth

MF4 Usage Levels
Ice cream with 10% fat - start with 0.5%
Ice cream with 12% fat - start with 0.48%

How To Use MF4
Add MF4 when your at the point of maximum agitation. It may also help to blend the MF4 with another powder, for example sugar, to allow a more even distribution

What's in MF4
Well that is the magic. We have blended various food grade gums and fatty acids to obtain a product that we are really happy with. On your label it can appear as Emulsifiers & Stabilisers. This product is gluten, soy and palm oil free. This product is suitable for use by Vegans

MF4 is an ingredient in the Masterchef recipe "cheese and crackers"
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Cheese and Crackers

Masterchef season 11
MF4 was used in Darren Purchese Bombe Alaska

MFD NO BPA in Containers


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Makes a big difference

20 January 2023
I regularly make ice creams using the Thermomix for the custard base and then chill and into the Cuisinart for churning. MF4 makes such a difference, creates more of a custard consistency at the heating stage and there are never any ice crystals in the mix. Also means you don't always have to use egg yolks. Highly recommend for homemade ice creams.

Got excited by MKR and had to give it ago

23 February 2018
They made ice cream on the show and have always wanted to. Ordered online arrived really quick in time to try it on Saturday. Made a plain vanilla one that the family really liked. Then got really adventerous and went for a honey with nougat pieces. Maybe bit off more than I could chew, didn't look the best but everyone ate it. Put back in freezer 2 weeks later still tasted great and had no ice.

Used in my Cuisine art

6 January 2018
Bought the small size to check it out. Made a trial batch using the suggested amount, which is not much at all. Worked a treat and everybody loved it will get the sorbet one next order.

Ice Cream Stabiliser MF4

17 September 2017
I tried the base recipe from the Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot web site: Milk 650g, Thickened Cream 120g, Sugar 145g, Skin Milk Powder (SMP) 45g, Dextrose 35g, MF4 5g. I used full cream milk, pure cream and white sugar. I also used a double boiler and thermometer to ensure that I achieved the correct temperate and it also prevents the milk from scorching. When the mixture cools it thickens and looks like custard. The texture is different than other recipes which do not use "gums" so straight from the ice cream machine it tastes a little "sticky". After 24 hrs in the freezer the ice cream is firm but scoopable. Using MF4 gets around the issue of using many egg yolks and having to heat the custard to kill any salmonella which may be present in eggs (with MF4 you must heat the mixture as well). Overall my first experiment went really well and I am happy with the taste and texture.

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