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Maltodextrin is from a group of colloidal products formed by the hydrolysis of starches. These maybe wheat, corn or tapioca based. This product is corn based.

How is maltodextrin powder used?
Maltodextrin is used to manufacture soils or dusts from products containing oils or butters. One popular example is basil oil dust. This maltodextrin will perform this task but not as well as the specialist product Zorbit which is made from Tapioca.

Using maltodextrin powder in ice cream
This ingredient provides a ice cream with the following advantages:
- Smooth, creamy texture
- Increased body and mouthfeel
- Contributes solids
- Produce a firmer ice cream that melts slowly during consumption,
- Extends shelf-life during storage.

This maltodextrin powder is perfect for use in ice cream as its a complex carbohydrate. This means it combines multiple simple sugars to build a lengthy chain of carbohydrates. This complex chain has a dextrose equivalent (DE) rating of 18. The DE rating pertains to sweetness, length of glucose chains, solubility, and heat resistance. 

How is maltodextrin powder used?
- Used to manufacture ice cream, soils or dusts.
- Regularly used by bodybuilders and endurance athletes to quickly rush energy into cells and aid recovery.
- Added to beer while is aging to increase the specific gravity of the final product without changing the alcohol content or flavor. Also retains beers characteristic frothy head
- As a food thickener, to add volume and texture to  sauces, and salad dressings
- Acts as a filler in pharmaceutical applications.


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