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Thick N Cold can be used to thicken liquids to a point where they can be piped into macarons, cakes or even quinelled on a plate.

After repeated request from bakers and other manufacturers Thick N Cold is now available in this production size. (limited trial size)

Thick N Cold is a naturally derived product from plant sources. This product requires no heat to activate, it is pH independant and has no difficult hydration process to follow. Thick N Cold should not alter the colour or clarity of the product it is mixed with. Thick N Cold can be used to thicken liquids to a point where they can be pipped into macarons, cakes or even quinelled on a plate. All this functionality without the gummy mouthfeel traditionally ascociated with hydrocolloids.

Thick N Cold is perfect for strict dietary requirements as it is animal free (vegetarian & Vvegan), wheat, soy and gluten free. The blended product can be heated but may have problems depending on the liquid used. This product can be used to thicken Balsamic Vinegar, vegetable purees and fruit juices. As this is a new product to the Australian Market more uses will evolve over time. The thickness acheived will increase slightly over time but not substantially. A general starting point would be to add 3 grams into 100mls of liquid at maximum shear. Testing has been quite successful using a stick blender and we recommend this approach. Once an understanding of dosages and how the product reacts go wild and let us know the results.

Melbourne Food Depot, Thick N Cold powder mixed with beetroot juice. Make it as thick as you require with no effect on flavour or gummy mouthfeel Macaron shells being filled with fresh beetroot juice that has been mixed with Thick N Cold.

One health application we are exploring is the use of this product to thicken foods to aid with swallowing. Traditionally this has been done by using guar gum many Speech Therapists report that patients become sick of the taste associated with guar gum in high dosages over time.
As Thick N Cold has no taste and requires no heat to activate it presents as an excellent product for this application.

Some chefs have said this product is similar to the product known as Clear Jel, cold cream gel,


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Country of Origin Denmark
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