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This product is ideal for coating (eg chips in combination with salt) or blending (eg sauces or condiments). This product has a very small use rate, and will harden over time. Please store away from light and contact with air. Best option is well sealed in this container.

This is a new cutting edge product that more uses will become apparent as time goes by. Every chef we have shown it to is quite excited and is keen to know when it will be available. Please let us know how you end up using it so we can increase the culinary communities knowledge of this new product.

This product conatins no anticaking (silica) or blending agents (lactose or maltodextrin powder), it is 100% pure white vinegar powder. It contains no wheat, corn or dairy only 100% freeze dried vinegar liquid.

An example of this product being used below by Shaun Quade in the ionic01 event October 2014

Shaun Quade using Melbourne Food Depots vinegar powder on chicken skin

The chicken skin during the dehydration process is rubbed with vinegar powder. The doughnuts also have a small percentage in the outer coating. As it is a pure concentrated ingredient less is more, for these 40 covers Shaun used 32g of product. Naturally this amount will vary depending on your process and protein used.


Warning about other so called FD vinegar powders out there.

Many people have been in touch with us about other FD vinegar powders out there. They claim to be manufactured by or supplied by the Melbourne Food Depot this is far from the truth. The only way you can be sure is by the packaging and the distinctive label. Our product uses a process developed by MFD to obtain the distinctive flavour profile. Immatation products use maltodextrin, sugars and many other things. Its easy to tell the difference by taste and smell the immatation products cannot match our clean, crisp flavour profile. Ensure you purchase the orignal product by insisting on the above label. Thanks to our customers, who have been using our original product for close to a decade, for letting MFD know of these claims.


MFD FD Vinegar Powder proving very popular in the USA
This is most likely due to our manufacturing process that produces a pure product that contains nothing else. Most of the other USA manufactured products contain maltodextrin. This changes the taste profile and requires a larger use rate than our pure product.


What others are saying about Melbourne Food Depot's Vinegar Powder

Matt Wilkinson  - Brunswick  Local Star Chef and all round nice guy
2012 Five of the Best (Melbourne) - Right now I’m loving…
Pope Joan’s talented chef Matt Wilkinson has a thriving veggie patch out the back of his Brunswick diner, but he doesn’t have the space or time to grow enough for his busy kitchen. So he turns to his favourite producers, and these are his top five local foods this month.

3. Dehydrated white balsamic powder
I’m not usually a fan of powders, but this product from the Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot is a gem. Deep fry some potato chips then add this powder and you have the best salt and vinegar chips you’ll ever taste.

Melbourne Food Depot's Freeze Dried Vinegar Powder being referenced in cookbooks
Aaron Turner  - IGNI, A restaurant's first year Hardie Grant books 2017 p40 & 56 Salt and vinegar saltbush

Ugly Delicious - Chang
Vinegar powder is used as a dusting on fried chicken to balance out the fat.


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Love this product - Verified Buyer Review

23 February 2018
<p>Have tried others but still keep coming back to this one. It has a clean sharp taste that suits my blend I put on spirals. Just love it</p>

Melbourne Food Depot Response
<p>Great news Mike, glad you love our product on your spirals. Tag an instagram photo of one of your spirals with @melbournefooddepot and we will put it up. Regards Nat</p>

Like this but want in bigger size - Verified Buyer

7 January 2018
Please make in a bigger size, thanks Danni

Melbourne Food Depot Response
Hi Danni, Thanks for getting in touch and I'm glad you like the product. There are bigger sizes, 500g and 4Kg, available online. Consider one of these on your next order. Regards Nat

Consistency - Verified Buyer Review

5 January 2018
I've been using this product in my production kitchen in Nowra for over 4 years. Its never changed always bang on. Will need to stop getting lots of small ones and get the big bag. We use it in a couple of our best selling items. Glad I found it and stuck with it. Just ordered and know it will be waiting at the door in a couple of days. Love it and keep up the service Peter Nowra

Melbourne Food Depot Response
Hi Peter, good to see you like our tight QC on this product. Along with the fast delivery, keep on ordering this quality product. Why not tag us on Instagram with @melbournefooddepot and we will give you a shout out, love seeing what customers do with our products. Regards, Nat

This stuff is no joke!

20 November 2017
<p>After trying other brands of Vinegar Powder, this one is in a league of its own! From the moment you open the packet you know you've got some fun ahead, a little really really goes a long way. Used it to sprinkle over some potato dinner guests were impressed. Cannot forget to mention the quick and prompt service provided by MFD.</p>

Tops for fries

16 November 2017
Use this combined with salt and rosemary to make a rub for my fries. I make loads of sausages and Bacon so when mates come around I sprinkle this on my hand cut fries. goes down a treat especially with beer.

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